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RPF Constable Solved Paper 28/03/2019 (Shift-II) [Previous Year Question Paper]

RPF Constable Previous Year Solved Question Paper :वास्तविक RPF Constable परीक्षा के कठिनाई स्तर को समझने के लिए RPF Constable Previous Year Solved Question Paper का अभ्यास करना महत्वपूर्ण है। यह आगामी परीक्षा के लिए आपकी तैयारी को बढ़ावा देने में मदद कर सकता है।

RPF Conastable Previous Year Question Paper

ExamRPF Conastable
Exam Date28/03/2019 (Shift -II)
Organised By रेलवे भर्ती बोर्ड (RRB)
No. of Questions 60

1. Which of the following agreements was signed between Gandhi and Ambedkar that granted new rights to untouchables?

  1. Gandhi-Irwin pact
  2. Poona pact
  3. Delhi pact
  4. Lucknow pact
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  • Answer ⇒ : B

2. Following Following are the criteria criteria for selecting selecting a marketing marketing officer by a company company. The candidate must:
(i) Be a graduate graduate with at least 50% marks.
(ii) Have secured secured at least 40% marks in the written written test.
(iii) Not be less than 24 years and not more than 29 years as on 10 December December, 1996.
(iv) Have work experience experience of at least two years as a marketing marketing officer.
In case a candidate candidate satisfies satisfies all the other criteria  EXCEPT (iv), but has a diploma diploma in Marketing Marketing Management, Management, his/her his/her case is to be referred referred to the General General Manager Manager, Marketing. In case a candidate satisfies satisfies all the other criteria criteria EXCEPT (iii), but has worked as a marketing marketing officer at least for three years, his/her his/her case is to be referred to the Director Director, Marketing. Marketing. Arun has secured 60% and 40% marks respectively respectively in the degree examination examination and in the written written test. His date of birth is 17 April, 1963. He has been working in an organization as a marketing officer for the last 2 years.

  1. The candidate cannot be appointed
  2. The candidate has to be referred to the General Manager, Marketing
  3. The candidate has to be appointed
  4. The candidate has to be referred to the Director, Marketing
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ : A

3. Divide Rs.8100 Rs.8100 among Anirudh, Anirudh, Bala and Suresh such that 1/2 of Anirudh’s Anirudh’s share, 1/3 of Bala’s share and 1/4
of Suresh’s share are equal. Find the share of Anirudh.

  1. Rs.2400
  2. Rs.1000
  3. Rs.1800
  4. Rs.1500
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ : C

4. Find the ODD one out.

  1. Oil : Lamp
  2. Power : Machine
  3. Water : Tap
  4. Oxygen : Life 
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ : C

5. In this question, three statements are given followed by two conclusions. Choose the conclusion(s) which best fit(s) logically.
1) All cats are pens.
2) Some toys are pens.
3) All boys are toys.
I. All pens are boys.
II. Some cats are toys.

  1. Both conclusions I and II follow
  2. Only conclusion I follows
  3. Only conclusion II follows
  4. Neither conclusion I nor II follows
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ : D
6. How is the power of lens measured?

  1. Aeon
  2. Dioptre
  3. Candela
  4. Lumen
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ B
7. If the difference between 1/4 of a number and 1/6 of the same number is 3, then find the number.

  1. 38
  2. 34
  3. 36
  4. 32
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ C
8. Saina Nehwal is associated with which of the following sports?

  1. Table tennis
  2. Foot ball
  3. Badminton
  4. Cricket
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ C
9.  The diameter of spherical spherical metal ball A is twice that of spherical spherical metal ball B. Find the ratio of volumes volumes of A to B.

  1. 6 : 1
  2. 8 : 1
  3. 4 : 1
  4. 2 : 1
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ B
10.  Complete the series. 75, 63, 52, 42, 33, 25, (…)

  1. 16
  2. 19
  3. 18
  4. 17
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ C
11. The difference between the cost price and the selling selling price of an article article is Rs.300.  If the profit is 25%, find the selling price of the article.

  1. Rs.1550
  2. Rs.1340
  3. Rs.1500
  4. Rs.1450
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ C
12. In this question, question, a statement statement is given followed followed by two conclusions. Choose the conclusion(s) conclusion(s) that best fit(s) logically.
A doctor nurses only the bleeding bleeding wounds which are caused by bullets. bullets. A patient, patient, Nithya, Nithya, is bleeding profusely.
I) Nithya is nursed by the doctor.
II) The doctor did not nurse Nithya.

  1. Neither conclusion I nor II follows
  2. Only conclusion II follows
  3. Only conclusion I follows
  4. Both conclusions I and II follow
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ A
13. Whom did Gandhiji consider as his political guru?

  1. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  2. Dadabhai Naoroji
  3. Mahadev Govind Ranade
  4. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ A

  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ B

  • Show Answer
  • Answer ⇒ B

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